With great pleasure we announce the 2010 Children's Folk Events

will again host a Children's Folk Fest in the Grand Hall of Ipswich Corn Exchange - which will be availble for morning and afternoon sessions on Tuesday June 29th 2010 and Thursday July 1st 2010.

It's Booking Time!
With great pleasure, Ip-art in association with the Constant Billy Trust and East Suffolk Morris Men, announce the box-office for their 2010 summer events for Suffolk Schoolchildren.

For those of you who received our communication in March, I'm very sorry to say that DanceEast was unable to secure funding (in these difficult times) to bring the the "Spectacular Dancing Tent" to Suffolk this year. Instead we propose to combine Children's Morris Dance with the Ip-art Children's Folk Fest into a single series of half-day events in the Ipswich Corn Exchange Main Hall where Suffolk Schoolchildren will be able to:

You can see pictures & video of previous year's events from the homepage of this website and can access the Schools resource pack for Country Dances (hardcopies including booklet & music CD available for £10 email orders).

The morning and afternoon sessions are 10:00am - 11:45am and 12:30pm - 14:15pm respectively.

There will be a small attendance charge to cover our costs of £3 per child-head per event.

You are now invited to book places with me (via email) on behalf of your school giving: