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For the 2009 season, we have increased the number of country dances in the Manual pack, and also the number of music tracks to accompany them. The music has been contributed by four of the bands currently playing around East Anglia. Also, we have included a small collection of video clips to illustrate some of the dances and the figures used. We appreciate that the resources are best used alongside the teaching of the children and a web based resource pack is not in best form for this purpose. So we suggest you print the booklet from the download below and copy the .mp3 files onto your computer for use in the classroom (see below).

The Manual

The text has been prepared for printing as an "A5 Booklet" (although it will print in whatever format you choose) and is presented as a .pdf file (which everyone should be able to use). Download Resource Manual booklet now.

The .MP3 Music

"Double click" on the tunes below to listen in your preferred player - or "right-click" and select "Save target as..." to download the tune in MP3 format to your computer. If you wish to download all the tunes for playing on your MP3 player in one go, double click on "All tunes" to download and then extract from "Constant Billy Trust - Audio

01 Scott's Reel 02 Buffalo Girls 03 Grande Cosse 04 Rakes of Marlow 05 My Love
06 Ballydesmond 07 Weymouth Quickstep 08 Maid and the Palmer 09 Oyster Girl 10 The Primrose
11 Cook in the Kitchen 12 The Hungry Army 13 Salmon Tails 14 Newby End 15 Jackson Reel
16 Roaring Jelly 17 Plains of the Boyle 18 Page's Bottom   All Tunes

The Video

All video clips will download and play in your preferred media player. We think this facility would be a useful addion to add to the resource pack and we would welcome your comments.

Figures Do-si-do (Back-to-Back) Grand Chain Right Hand Star
  Single Cast    
Dances Farmers Jig Heel & Toe Polka Margate Hoy